Comfort With Music 6

Music calms, comforts, and encourages. Help us share a unique gift of music with women facing a crisis pregnancy. An MP3 player pre-loaded with over 2 hours of peaceful music that touches the heart and revives the soul. Here is a simple way you can help calm a mother in crisis by helping get one of these MP3 players to her for only $25.



One Time Gift

Your one-time gift of $25 covers the cost of one MP3 player pre-loaded with hours of inspiring music, headphones, charging cable, carrying bag, and shipping anywhere in the continental US. You may choose delivery to your home, or ask Holy Family Apostolate to deliver your gift to a deserving pregnancy center.

Donate one or more Comfort MP3 players today!


9 Month Challenge

Match HER 9 months of sacrfice
with YOUR 9 months of a recurring gift.

$25 or more allows us to hand deliver or ship to:
1) Person or pregnancy center we know.
2) Person or pregnancy center you know.
3) Directly to you so you can gift yourself or a friend.

Less than $25 will be combined with other smaller
gifts until enough is donated to gift a Comfort player.

Begin your monthly Comfort sponsorship here!


Download. Print. Share.

Black & white • double sided
14 x 8.5 (legal sized) • Triple fold
Download PDFs below:

Sample 14 x 8.5 fold


Front of 14 x 8.5 flier and pledge card.

8.5 x 11 Flier

Sample Bulletin Announcement

Comfort a Mother with Music!
MP3 Player pre-loaded with 43 songs.
Over 2 hours of Lullabies & other songs
for a donation of $25 – get one for yourself
or a loved one. Better still, join others
gifting one or more to a Pregnancy center.
Comfort a teen facing a crisis pregnancy and
she is more likely to carry her child full term.
visit more info.
Comfort one - save the life of another!