Dedication Page

A Gift for Adoptive Families blessed because of this Effort.

In honor of Amanda, her son, and his adoptive family - we will give a 2nd MP3 to any young woman helped by this MP3 Player who chooses to bless an adoptive family with the honor of raising of her child.  This way the birthmother knows her child will grow up listening to the same music that helped her during her pregnancy.

Amanda's Gift

A spontaneous song, called 'Amanda's Gift' is included on this first MP3 player 2016.
It was composed and recorded in one take. The singer imagined what Amanda's child might sing in honor of her once he is old enough to appreciate her selflessness in gifting him with a lifetime of love, adventure, and possibility.

And to Amanda...

This effort is also dedicated to a young woman named Amanda. It took courage and no small sacrifice to carry her unexpected baby full term - but she did. It was also heroic of her to bless a family aching to love and raise a baby as their own. She will not know this side of heaven how many future generations will bless her for her personal sacrifice that one small child was allowed to grow within her and now grow up in a family with a mother and father.

So to Amanda and thousands of other young single women like her, who set aside plans and dreams for nine months to allow the crisis in a crisis pregnancy to fade into the joy of new life and endless possibility... Thank you!