The Gift

Comfort MP3 Player Includes:

A dedicated MP3 player with more than 40 acoustic songs and lullabies with themes of hope, courage, and love. More than 2 hours music. Also included are earphones, a charging cable, and a custom carrying bag. The suggested donation of $25 per MP3 Player covers the cost of shipping anywhere in the continental US..

Secondary Gift

Facing a crisis pregnancy, a young girl named Amanda chose to carry her baby full term. Then she blessed a generous adoptive family with the priviledge of raising her son. A spontaneous song, called 'Amanda's Gift' is included on this MP3 player - composed and recorded in one take. The singer imagined what Amanda's son might sing in honor of her when he is old enough to appreciate her selfless gift to him; the gift of life and hope for security, love, adventure, and possibility.

As a tribute to Amanda, each woman helped by a Comfort MP3 player who chooses adoption for her child, can request a second (free) Comfort MP3 player to give the adoptive parents so her child could grow up hearing the same music that helped her through pregnancy.